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The Difference Between Ducted Heating And Reverse Cycle Heating System

Ducted heatings and reverse cycle heating systems have become the favourite choice of mass people. Here, the main reason is that they are much more efficient and cost effective. Besides, they can provide the warmth and comfort that many people wish for.

Read the below lines to know the difference between the two systems. And then hire any expert for heating services in Kilsyth South!

What Is The Difference Between Ducted Heating And Reverse Cycle Heating systems?

If you live in a cold country, you need to use a heater to get all the warmth. Those systems are run by propane gas but get made from different types of technology.

The ducted heating system uses vents to push hot air out of the house into the room. The vents must get opened and closed regularly. Otherwise, the air will get heated unevenly through these vents. Then this leads to the possibility of condensation building up in the system. And it is the possible reason for low performance.

Anyway, you can combat this issue by carefully maintaining the vents. If not, then this can reduce the system’s efficiency level.

On the other hand, the reverse cycle system is very similar to a ducted heat system. But there are some main differences.

1) These use heating elements that do not need to be vented and work via a reverse cycle.

2) These consist of an electric heating element, a liquid-fluid pump, and a heat exchanger.

3) On top of that, the system does not feature any ventilation. And this makes it a more efficient choice for those places where poor ventilation is a problem.

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