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Kitchen Ingredients That Can Lead To Blocked Drains in Croydon North!

It may seem convenient to wash your kitchen ingredients down the sink, but it’s not the best thing for your pipes. Incorrect disposal of items can lead to blocked drains in Croydon North. 

And that’s why the following section is here to make you aware of the things you should not drain down from your sink. 

So, continue reading! 

Common Kitchen Ingredients That Result In Blocked Drains In Croydon North 

Hair, tree roots, feminine and hygiene products are some of the most common items that can cause clogged drains. 

Besides them, these kitchen items are often tops of the list for causing drain blocks: 

1. Fats, Grease and Oils 

Any fats, grease and oils that you wash down the kitchen sink have the potential to block your pipes. The elements act as a binder for other substances and result in the sticky build-up. And oils and fats that stay solid at room temperature, like coconut oil, can pose an even greater risk.

2. Coffee Grounds 

Coffee grounds can stick together to create a sludgy kind of sediment in the drain. You can’t push them away with water, and as the build-up increases, they clog the pipes. So, before draining down the grounds, think about how you can recycle them or throw them in the dustbin.

3. Flour 

Flour is a staple element in most kitchens. But when you dispose of them incorrectly, they mix with water and create a sticky solution. These types of sticky substances tend to stay in the interior walls of the pipelines and prevent the water from flowing freely. 

Fix Your Blocked Drain In Croydon North With The Best Plumbing Experts! 

Veeken Plumbing has a trained team of plumbing professionals readily available to fix your blocked drains in Croydon North. You may visit veekenplumbing.com.au to reach them. 

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