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The Health Hazards Of Blocked Drains You Never Knew!

Clogged drains are not just a smelly nuisance but create concerning health risks. They can become a real problem really quickly if you don’t regularly maintain them. And the worst bit is you probably won’t even realise that your blocked drains in Kilsyth are behind your asthma and eczema issues.

Thus, the following section gives a friendly reminder regarding regular drain maintenance by listing the health risks of blocked drains. 

So, continue reading! 

The Health Hazards Created By Blocked Drains In Kilsyth! 

The smell of clogged drains is the least concerning part of the whole thing. And that's why most experts advise cleaning your drain once every couple of months. 

Here is how careless drain maintenance can cost you your health: 

1. Asthma And Allergies 

Intensified asthma and allergies are among the most common results of clogged drains. The contaminated air, water will have an irritable effect on your eczema, and asthma. Furthermore, it can lead to hay fever, eyes, nose, and throat infection. The harmful bacteria diffused in your home’s air can also worsen your sensitive skin issues. 

2. Weil’s Disease 

Your blocked drains in Kilsyth often become the ideal home rats. They love water, food and dirt and end up contaminating your water system with their urine. As a result, anyone in your family can end up with Weil's disease. They may experience flu-like symptoms and even internal bleeding in severe cases.

3. Encephalitis 

Encephalitis is a viral inflammatory disease transmitted by mosquito eggs. It can cause symptoms like mild fever, convulsions and paralysis. In addition to that, you can also get conditions like E-coli, resulting in diarrhoea, stomach cramps, fever and liver damage.

Get Experienced Pros For Blocked Drains In Kilsyth

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