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4 Ways You’re Damaging Your Air Conditioner Without Realizing It!

You may be aware that a lack of annual maintenance and regular cleaning can decrease the lifecycle of your AC. But there are many little ways you can damage your air conditioner in Croydon Hills without even realizing it. These mistakes will increase your energy bills and make your AC work way too hard, ruining its efficiency. 

What are those blunders, you ask? Well, continue reading to know! 

Different Ways You Can Be Damaging Your Air Conditioner In Croydon Hills!

Like all the other devices in your home, your heating and cooling machines are also vulnerable to many issues. So, stop doing these things if you want them to last longer. 

1. Poorly Positioned Vents and Thermostat

If the sun or nearby lamp is wrecking your thermostat for hours, it will eventually throw off its reading and cause it to damage your AC. You might be away from home all day and not even realize your AC is working overtime. Blocking the machine with vents, furniture, and curtains can also limit air circulation.

2. Setting the Temperature Too Low 

Many think that cranking up their ACs way too low will help cool the room faster. However, that’s not true. Whether your space is 90F or 70F, your AC will pump out the cool air with the same strength. Changing the setting to lower degrees won’t speed up the process. In fact, it will make your air conditioner in Croydon Hills work harder than necessary and waste energy.

3. Not Making Use of the Fan 

AC machines indeed work better when you combine them with fans. Cool air accumulates when it gets blown out. In order to cool down the rest of your room, you will have to either wait for the thermal transfer or force the fan to circulate it using your fan. 

4. Forgetting To Clean Between Seasons 

When you constantly run your AC unit, it will lead to condensation forming inside it. It is normal behaviour, and commonly the condensation runs off and drips out on its own. But if something goes wrong, then mould and bacteria could grow inside it. 

Hire Pros to Take Care of Your Air Conditioner 

If you want your air conditioner in Croydon Hills to live long, you can contact Veeken Plumbing. The licensed pros can help you install your system and provide repair services at affordable prices. You can visit veekenplumbing.com.au to learn more about them.

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